4 Expert Tips in Creating a Killer Mobile App

According to the 2017 statistics, there are over five million apps available in Android and iOS app stores. This number grows up to 1,300 apps per day. This means more and more choices of apps for mobile users. The increasing number of apps makes it hard for developers to create unique apps. It’s also hard to match the top-rated mobile apps. In this article, we will share you some helpful tips from the experts that will help you create a killer mobile application:


Colors matter

Let’s talk about the design first. Apart from the layout and the typography (which are also important), you need to consider the color theme of your app. The theme and the purpose of your app should go with the color. Different colors express different meanings and emotions. For example, orange means optimism, blue means trust, white means balance, etc. Moreover, color contrast is important especially if your app is full of text.


Make it familiar

One of the reasons why most apps become popular is because of its familiarity. This refers to the user experience which centers on the universality of functions. For example, you can apply the common touch gestures that are used by other apps. Why? It saves users time from learning more, new touch gestures. Just use the familiar functions so users can enjoy your app.


Let users engage with others

Mobile apps should encourage users to engage, not just to the game but with other users. Connectivity is one of the keys to a killer app. It shall allow players to play with other players, compete with other users anywhere in the world, and compete in the ranking. It shall also allow players to give tokens and gifts, help other users survive a stage, etc.


Characters are important

If your mobile app involves characters and avatars, make sure they are super attractive. It is one of the reasons why users get hooked on the app because of the exciting characters. Also, users should have something to look forward to with these characters.


We hope this will help you in building a killer mobile app. Rock on!

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